More Life

At Safeeakh Farms, we truly believe in organic sustainability. Although we do use some store bought organic fertilizers and pest solutions, we try our best to search nature for sustainable, all natural alternatives.



We find ourselves, increasingly more, exploring our natural environment to see what it has to offer. An abundance of natural herbs and food for your body and garden can be found in a wilderness near you! Go take a hike and acquaint yourself with the locals.


We borrowed some pine cones/needles as well as a few other plants to add to the compost tea nutrient mix.


Wild harvested herbs and garden friendly insects can also be collected and introduced into your garden. Less is always better and we only take what we need in order not to disturb the ecosystems we borrow from. Moreover, if the environment in your garden is inviting and sustainable, a small colony that you introduce can multiply greatly in short time.



Sometimes, friends that you didn’t even bring to your garden find a comfortable plant to grow upon and defend, on their own accord.



Their growth is a testament to their pest patrol proficiency. The more pest they consume, the larger they grow. Their presence is always welcomed and their contributions are much appreciated.





Christ came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Give thanks for life. Bless up.



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