Keep Your Males!

Although the common practice of clone propagation has it’s place in cultivation, the continuity of the genetic/chemotropic diversity offered by the Cannabis plant is dependent upon the combination of complimentary energies; male and female. Many believe it is important to remove all males from their cannabis crop, however, here at Safeeakh Farms we know it is important to keep a few around.



Quality male plants, selected for specific character traits, are integral to the creation of superior offspring. The decrease in the presence of male plants among farmers has contributed to the decrease in the genetic varieties available in the commercial medical/recreational cannabis industries. Beyond that, the removal of males has highly contributed to the degradation of the chemotropic profile diversity found in modern cultivars which translates to the degradation in the diversity of new medicines!

Being that this plant, in its natural form, truly is medicinal, we can easily begin to recognize the importance of preserving specific varieties and creating new varieties through breeding. Each new seed contains its own individual genotype and chemotype ratios to contribute to the world just as each individual being on this planet has energy to contribute. Seeds are extremely valuable as each one possess a “new medicine” to offer.


New seeds cannot be created without males, so, KEEP SOME MALES!

An OG x Green Crack male. A very skunky, orange fruit fragrance emanates from this plants vibrant pink and white pollen sacks.





We of course have a few males from DJ Short in the library as well. These particular male plants are expected to have high levels of CBD being that they are the product of a combination between the high CBD strain AC/DC (18:1 ratio, CBD:THC) and DJ Short’s legendary Blueberry Strain. The combination of the AC/DC and Blueberry strains resulted in DJ Short’s CBD rich strain Rosaberry bred by his son, JD Short.

Rosaberry Male                         Rosaberry Male

We also have a two Rosaberry Bx Blueberry as well. They have quite a stunning display of deep purple.

Rosaberry Bx Blueberry Male

Rosaberry Bx Blueberry Male                        Rosaberry Bx Blueberry Male

Rosaberry Bx Blueberry Male                        Rosaberry Bx Blueberry Male

Hopefully, their chemotype lab results are just as stunning in regards to CBD:THC ratios.

Rosaberry Bx Blueberry Male                        Rosaberry Bx Blueberry Male

Rosaberry Bx Blueberry Male                        Rosaberry Bx Blueberry Male


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